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millimeter milligram supplies

I heard about MMMG awhile ago and totally forgot to show you guys some of their awesome products. I especially love the calendar that turns into envelopes when you are done with that month. I use my old calendars to wrap presents and I love

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roaring spring enviroshades

I love legal pads, especially the standard bright yellow ones. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen any other colors besides white until I saw these enviroshades by Roaring Spring. I’m really leaning towards the purple legal pad and the pink steno book. Sadly we

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pop deluxe for your office

Think of how great you would feel everyday if you had a control panel pencil case or a Mondrian Whiteboard. I think we should take more time to create and care for our workspaces. I really think it makes a difference! (My currently messy desk

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highlighted marble memos

(I’m so sorry about all the neon/highlighted posts. Hopefully I’ll get out of this phase in a few weeks!) I saw notebooks with neon pages similar to this one on Etsy and decided to give my new Mead Marble Memos some highlights. I held the

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A few fun items from inkello

I’m amazed at how many little shops out there are making office supplies or school supplies or some sort of stationery item. A lot of the products from this company are monogrammed which I think is so cool. I would love some monogrammed index cards!

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best of office weekend roundup 57

I would love one of these Arch Rulers from here or these paper animals that divide and decorate your bookshelf from here Save all your pencil shavings and finger paint with pencil dust! Seen on Pencil Revolution Cd Landscape installation that is so cool. See