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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 152

Hey cool earring! Great idea! I watched a lot of Blackadder growing up – one time he said: Blackadder: Madam, life without you is like a broken pencil. Queen Elizabeth: Explain. Blackadder: Pointless. Love this idea of interactive sculptures that you can destroy! Binder clip

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Binder Clip Bag

The mother of all bags. Someone better contact Peter Bristol to get this thing made. Wool felt and aluminum tube – a giant binder clip to hold all your stuff!

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Pencil Shavings Collars and Cuffs

Honestly, I couldn’t be happier about these collars and cuffs. I NEED THEM! Get them all from Green Accordion on Etsy (found via Rad and Hungry Blog!) P.S. Some sad news (for now) we won’t be posting “Can you Guess this Office Supply?” for a