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A Dress Shirt for Every Man

Have you noticed that every guy you know has a blue dress shirt? I recently learned this classic blue is actually called French blue and here’s why every guy has it: French blue, which is a rich medium blue, is a flattering color for most

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Work Outfit of the Week. 3.

Heard of Shabby Apple? If you haven’t, well it’s time to check it out. They have insanely cute and unique dresses for not that expensive. Those are all pluses for me! This week we are focusing on the black dress. The black dress is simple,

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Work Outfit of the Week. 2.

I just discovered this website. Polyvore. Kind of  a weird name? You can create outfits so easily! This weeks outfit will help you become the office sweetheart. That’s if you’re a girl I mean. Wearing this as a guy would be a BAD idea. P.S.

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Work Outfit of the Week. 1.

It’s a new year, start dressing like it. Today is the beginning of a new series. To call it “Work Outfit of the Week” sounds cliche and somewhat lame but that’s what we’re calling it. This week’s outfit comes all from one great website :

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WOW meets Origami? Seriously.

I wish with all my heart I could say that I’ve played world of warcraft before. When I was in junior high, I played a little starcraft on the computer and I actually can’t even remember if that was what it was called. Anyways. I

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2 Ways to Tote Around Your Lappy, I mean Laptop.

[Do people really use lappy to describe their laptop? How ridiculous, I mean great] We’ve all seen different contraptions to help you stand while you work. Mobile Laptop Desks & Laptop stands adjust for every situation. After our “sit or bounce” blog post, I’ve thought