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Office Supplies x Fashion

I used to fantasize about wearable electronic gadgets that are fashionable enough to be on a runway show. And then I realize that, as of 2008, when Fashion meets office supplies and/or electronics, it almost only means mediocrity. Necktie with a Cooler. Starting off, we have another office-compatible tie. This tie developed by Thanko has [keep reading…]

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Work Shoes-That Are Great For Your Feet!

What is it about women and office work shoes that is extremely bad for their body, and is sure to inflict all sorts of health problems down the line? Or rather, what is it about the women’s shoes industry that continuously makes and entices female office workers with these made for Stepford -wife shoes that [keep reading…]

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Rubber Band : Rubber Bands For Everyday Living

Recently at the place I work, a dearly missed coworker left his position to be with another company. In the familiar tradition in our office upon the departure of an office worker, we proceeded to respectfully divide up his possessions both to commemorate his existence, and frankly, office supplies are a scarcity in our office. [keep reading…]

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Coolest Office Spaces

  Wearable office space Designed by Fashion Superstar Hussein Chalayan, who consistently pushes the boundary of fashion in terms of material, construction, and spatial configurations. In this dress, designed for the 2000 winter collection, where he explored the relationship between furniture & fashion, he was able to turn workable surface into a fashion statement, and [keep reading…]