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Bubble Wrap = Online/Offline Fun!!!!

Another thing in life that never gets old no matter how old you are- bubble wrap. Today I thought a lot about bubble wrap and realized that in a perfect world, I would have bubble wrap that you can pop and pop and rechargeable

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Office Scramble!

Bored at work? Take a few minutes to solve our Office Scramble game! No peeking now… Common Office Supplies 1.) EANMICAHLC IENCPL 2.) UICLECB 3.) OFEEFC UMG 4.) HEDERSSDR 5.) UPORMCTE OITMORN 6.) ERGBAAG ANC 7.) RPIEASH ERANENPTM ARERMK 8.) WIGLSINEN RLTPESA 9.) UMOJB RAPPE

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Ping Pong Table for the Office

I want one. I know it seems like a distraction and that it is probably unnecessary but it’s not. It’s so fun! And I promise I wouldn’t waste time at work. Only time after work or maybe during lunch. We had a ping pong tournament


Keyboard for Blondes

Now don’t be offended. As a blonde myself, I think I’m allowed to poke fun at my own kind. This is the Keyboard for Blondes or Blonde Board for short. Besides the vibrant girly color, check out the key names:  No! (Esc Key), WARNING! size

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Your Stapler Can Do What?

Ok so maybe it’s not the most impressive thing you’ve ever seen, but it could provide a 5 minute distraction at work. Open up your stapler so you are looking at the base. Turn your stapler over and press on the spring like button on

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The World’s Largest Office Products

Photo courtesy of Sandra Suppa, FABER-CASTELL GmbH & Co., Germany PENCIL FOR A HUGE PERFECTIONIST? Guinness listed it as the World’s Largest Pencil in 2006 – at nearly 65 feet tall and requiring 7000+ man-hours over a two year period to complete…but where’s the eraser?

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Office Supplies That Can Kill You

Just How Powerful Are Your Office Supplies? Office supplies can be harmful by themselves. How many times have you accidentally stapled your fingers or given yourself a paper cut? Office supplies can be assembled to invent interesting and quite dangerous office weapons. There are many