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best of office weekend roundup 10

I know it’s not time for the holidays yet but this christmas tree made by Polar Scientists in the South Pole is awesome! More pics This notebook describes my life and Paper Smith Paper Co has lots of other handmade notebooks It’s from a Cardboard

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Working in the kitchen – your new office

Office space is pricey these days right? Sometimes you have to get creative and double your living space as a work space. And not everyone has an extra room for a “home office.” How about your kitchen? Yes it might be overrun with kids grabbing

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Top 10 Best Coat Racks for Your Office

Well, actually I put in 17…there are too many good ones! I’ve always thought coat racks were over rated. I would like to take back that thought and share my love for coat racks. They eliminate the need for wasting 20 seconds to put your

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Recycled Hand Truck Chair

When my family moved from our first house, we did it all ourselves. Yeah it was a pretty miserable task but it definitely had it’s entertaining moments. Like playing around on hand trucks. I have this image in my head of climbing on to the

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Top 10 Creative AND Practical Bookcases

Last month we showcased some bookcases to spice up your office. Check out that post here. Since then, well we’ve come across a few others. While you want a bookcase that will actually hold your books, you may want one that adds some interest too.

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Office Bookcase to better your Workspace

I think that books are always one of the easiest way to embellish your living/work environment. While there are simple and effective bookcases options such as barrister bookshelves to aggregate and display your own personal collection of books, I would favor more eccentric bookcases. Here