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Get Your Own LOL Chair!!

This may be old news to everyone, but I’ll share it anyways. is such a beautiful and hilarious site. Here are some of my favorites below. As you may or may not know, we sell office chairs at So of course I had

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Top 21 April Fool’s Pranks in the Office!

It’s that time of year again…it’s getting warmer, the birds are coming back, the Groundhog came and went…and tomorrow is that special day when you’d better watch where you sit. It’s April Fools Day! Here are some classic April Fools Day pranks you can pull

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You Can Pimp My Cuuube, Pimp My Cube!

Wanna Pimp Out your cube? Here are some funky ideas to turn your boring cubicle into your very own Pimpalicous Palace that will make you the hottest and most talked about stop on the way to the water cooler! First: get some metallic paper or

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Drive Your Co-workers crazy **Part 2**

Here we go again. Earn yourself the annoying title at work. #1 Play Catch. This one comes from our reader Scott. Simple but soo effective. “This is a real one that I do on the regular. Get a tennis ball and just throw it in

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Top 10 Ways to Drive Your Co-workers crazy

This time of year is rough. It’s usually pretty cold and bleak outside and really you just want to lay in your bed all morning. Why not liven things up a bit? 1.Wanna Buy Something For My Kid’s School Sale? First send out an email,