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Graphs Tell My Life Story

 You know when you see something and you love it because it describes your life soo perfectly? Well I found my life in graphs today. Thank you There are tons that are just plain funny.


Keyboard for Blondes

Now don’t be offended. As a blonde myself, I think I’m allowed to poke fun at my own kind. This is the Keyboard for Blondes or Blonde Board for short. Besides the vibrant girly color, check out the key names:  No! (Esc Key), WARNING! size

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Your Stapler Can Do What?

Ok so maybe it’s not the most impressive thing you’ve ever seen, but it could provide a 5 minute distraction at work. Open up your stapler so you are looking at the base. Turn your stapler over and press on the spring like button on

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Office Ads that gets us

It’s Monday, my peeps, you are in no mood to work, and neither am I. So why don’t I make it fun for you and me, and post something very entertaining. The following videos are advertising that really gets what happens during work. They are

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Office Pranks

Have you done anything like this? How many of you would go home for the day if your office looked like this? This one gives me a headache.