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Graphs Tell My Life Story

 You know when you see something and you love it because it describes your life soo perfectly? Well I found my life in graphs today. Thank you There are tons that are just plain funny.

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Annoying office workers, how to spot and pop the sore

Almost every office has them. They are represented by both genders, and come in all shapes and sizes. Their favorite word is “me” and “I”, and seems to be on a perpetual quest to reach the Guinness record for cramming the most numbers of first person pronouns into the longest running sentence possible. They dress [keep reading…]

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Office Ads that gets us

It’s Monday, my peeps, you are in no mood to work, and neither am I. So why don’t I make it fun for you and me, and post something very entertaining. The following videos are advertising that really gets what happens during work. They are hilarious, so take a look! Be Careful With Your Fingers [keep reading…]