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best of office weekend roundup 81

Look out for Shoulder Surfers! I loved the Bill Cunningham Documentary, especially when he was making his rain poncho with garbage bags and duct tape. This office trolley is a fun alternative to a traditional filing cabinet. DIY 3 Ring Binder Pouch A cute way

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best of office weekend roundup 77

I love a good hour of office window gazing. Link I am so happy about this new Taylor Swift video! And this little behind the scenes office webisode. 3 great things for a countertop- office supplies, a cat, and a bowl of fruit. Link Pencil

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How was your Office Christmas Party?

Here’s a pic of the Shoplet team from our end of year party this year! (The lights are looking a little crazy) I wasn’t able to make it but I heard it was a good time. I assume by now that most people have had

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best of office weekend roundup 76

Prettiest thumbtack ball – Link Klipnotes are a cool idea! More info on their website That’s a nice way to relate snow to office supplies – Link Make cute notebooks with vintage card covers as last minute gifts! Instructions on Design Sponge I have saved

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Office Plankton Cartoon Series

I came across this Office Plankton show on youtube last week and I think it so funny. There are a few episodes that aren’t totally appropriate so watch out for those. The ones posted here are all clean though. I think the show is from