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cats vs computers

I promise to not make this a weekly post but these videos just make my day every time. Wouldn’t you permanently dislike a co-worker that did this?

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best of office weekend roundup 64

This bendy paper clip lamp is awesome. More pics on Behance Coolest video I have seen in a long long time. Cardboard packaging that molds to whatever shape you are wrapping. Link Do your hair with HarKlipps (binder clips) – see more pics on Behance These ads are proof that scotch tape is strong. See [keep reading…]

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best of office weekend roundup 62

Read an extensive review of the Pilot G2 on No Pen Intended (I love her doodles!) Decorate your little fly fishing friends with Sharpies! Link Okay I love this setup except for the toilet part. That grosses me out. Seen at Cubiclebot These gummi bears look so sad and expressionless on their way to work [keep reading…]

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The Executive’s Coloring Book!

So this guy found an Executive Coloring Book that was made in the 1960s and it is hilarious. See all the pics on his post about it here. I almost included this in last weekend’s roundup but decided it deserved it’s own post so I could show more pics. Turns out their is an Executive [keep reading…]

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best of office weekend roundup 60

The Kitchen Pencil. Seriously, my favorite find of the week. Buy it from Sebastian Bergne Shouldn’t every office have these food order pads from New Found Original? Haha yess – The Collared Sheep Use metal thumbtacks to make these letters! Link How to keep your printer from throwing out paper – how-to on Swingline Blog [keep reading…]

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posts from the past: 2009

6 months ago I did a post titled Posts from the Past: 2007 & 2008. I guess it is probably time to share some posts from 2009 that some of our newer readers might have missed. This is actually the exact time I started working for Shoplet (January 2009) and writing for the Shoplet Blog. [keep reading…]