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Office Supplies News in Brief

Every now and again I wander over to the Onion to see what office supplies related stories they’ve got going on. There is nothing like a sarcastic article to start out your day. Local Extension Cord Blasted For Failing To Reach Outlet STILSON, GA—A local extension cord came under fire Monday when the four-foot length [keep reading…]

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Break Throughs with Shoplet Bingo

Ever notice how many times we all say these cliche phrases? “It’s a win-win situation” “Where’s the call to action?” “At the end of the day, what the customer wants is important” “Let’s go over the game plan” “I want to hit the ground running with this project” “Rather than discuss this now, let’s take [keep reading…]

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Make Your Boss Sick (wink)

Sometimes in life we all need some absolutely ridiculous humor- the kind of humor that shouldn’t make you laugh because it so out of this world but you just have to laugh when you hear words like “Fringle-Stumpf!” Whenever I’m in need of that kind of humor I either turn to icanhazcheezburger or The Onion. [keep reading…]

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LOL Cats in your office: I Can Haz Work?

I know I know, blog posts with tons of pictures and a small amount of content are a bad idea. Sorry I couldn’t help it this time. We’ve been slowly gathering a collection of lol cats at work, invading your space and wanting endless amounts of cheezburgers. If today is a boring day at the [keep reading…]