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To Sit or To Bounce.

[You could do this all day right?] Everyone has seen people at work sitting on a “exercise ball.” It’s pretty easy to judge them and assume their intentions. Oh they are trying to lose weight or look hip or be different. There are a lot

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Spring Cleaning!

   Spring is officially here! Flowers are budding, trees are blossoming, and birds are chirping. But the time we dread throughout the year is here — spring cleaning. The whole years paper piled up waiting to be cleaned, empty cups of coffee, and things you don’t

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Brrrring!! Where is my Phone?!?

Is your office desk buried under mounds of clutter? Do you have trouble finding your phone when it rings?? Are you STILL looking for that half slice of pizza you were eating for lunch 3 days ago?? OK, that’s just nasty! Reorganizing your desk can

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Don’t Get Sick in the Office!

So while it’s the end of February and I expect a few sniffles at this time of year, I hate being sick and (almost) every year I manage to fight off the germie-germs that go round and round, especially in an enclosed office environment or

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Office Health: An apple a day..

Let’s all remember to eat lots of fruits and vegetables every day. Especially ones with writing on them by Sarah King. She makes fruit look real good. So after you eat your fruit, you can drink as many of these as you want: Sorry, I

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Did you take the stairs this morning?

If you did, pat yourself on the back. Then read this: I ran across this ad this morning and quickly retraced my steps for the day. Ran down 4 flights of stairs in my apartment building (+) Ran down 2 flights of stairs to the