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work diet to a better you

So, its rounding about 12:30 in the office and half of your day is done but you’re ravenous , craving a high in fat, high in carbs, high in sodium packed lunch to satisfy your emotional stress.  You’re even thinking about peeking into the office refrigerator and stealing someone’s overdue cheesecake. I for one have [keep reading...]

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Guide to a Stress-Free Tax Season: How to create a streamlined checklist for filing taxes

Does the thought of tax season leave you feeling overwhelmed? Although tax season is often a stressful time for many, it doesn’t have to be. If you properly prepare yourself, you’ll find that it doesn’t have to be the nightmarish ordeal that we often associate it with. Whether you choose to file your own taxes [keep reading...]

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Creating More Workspace

Creating a comfortable and easy-to-use office workspace is always a chief focus when someone is trying to improve his or her organization and create a comfortable workspace that enables productivity. The prime real estate of a desktop can make or break the occupant’s ability to successfully complete projects and accomplish day-to-day tasks. If you would [keep reading...]

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Tax Tips That Help You Organize for Tax Filing Preparation

As we’re entering the new year, we are once again faced with a highly critical yet greatly dreaded task of organizing for tax preparation. Every year we avoid the tasks of preparing for April 15, yet we could avoid most of the stress by adopting simple tools that can be maintained easily year-round. Consider the [keep reading...]

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6 Steps to Setting up a Home Office

Discount Office Supplies | Office Furniture | Avery Labels Tired of office work cluttering the kitchen table? Do you want to expand your bill-paying center at a makeshift desk into a workable home office? Working at home is not just a lifestyle decision, it’s a business proposition. That means you’ll need more than a computer [keep reading...]