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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 91

I hope with all my heart that this whale post it note holder will be made someday. Link Eraser made from eraser crumbs – Link A big Westcott Ruler at Pencil! Ruler meets clock. Fastco Design A LEGO Bossbot Vintage Westcott Hole Punch Garden Chalkboard

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Recycled Coffee Filter Lamps and Lights

Lampada specializes in handcrafted one-of-a-kind lamps and lampshades made with recycled coffee filters. From the earth-toned patterns of the natural coffee filters, to ones stained with vegetables and spices, our eco-friendly lighting options will add ambience to any room. Now you’ll think twice when you

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New Favorite Blog: Everyday Objects

15 pens stuffed into a balloon Really, it’s my new favorite blog. Everyday Objects is a design a day project by Jason Taylor. He says “I’m going to try and transform everyday objects in someway (cause that’s what I do) then post the results, I’m

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Pencil Jewelry by Me and Zena

Obviously I want every piece of pencil related jewelry from Me and Zena but I’m particularly in love with the red heart pencil sharpener necklace and the blue pencil bangle. I would love to have 5 or 6 of those stacked up on my arms!

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Written with Tape

You can do the coolest things with tape! Both of these tape words are by Anna Garforth. Play More looks like it’s made with color packing tape and Wild at Heart is made with masking tape.

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Pietro’s Paper Clip and Thumbtack Sculptures

Check out Pietro D’Angelo’s website to see tons and tons of paper clip sculptures. He has a few thumbtack sculptures and the one below is my favorite! I love her vibrant red lips and matching necklace :)