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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 89

Helsinki office buildings. I want to work in one of those. 7 infamous offices Shower caddy as an office supplies organizer – BHG Pretty USB Beautiful, foam rubber office supplies by Nathan Skiles! See more pics on Junk Culture Love this Homework Desk! Green Pencils

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Crayon Rockets

How about these crayon rockets?? I pretty much didn’t believe they were real until I went to John Coker’s site and read about them. Check out more pics and read about the project here.

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Bankrupt Looks Like This

Phillip Toledano’s pictures of abandoned offices are a perfect documentation of what has happened to many businesses since 2001. Slowly they’ve disappeared and the aftermath are empty office buildings and items of no worth left behind. He says about his project – At the beginning

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DIY Pen Extension Challenge

I think this would be so fun to do at a party! Gather together tons of cardboard and random items, have everyone make their own extension, and then draw your name! This project was designed by Daniel Eatock and Louis Bonnet. Here are Daniel’s instructions

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Pencil Prints for Pencil Lovers

Get them all from Society6: Ampersand Pencil Pencil Head Pencil Forest The Pencil Race Made of Pencils Pencil is God What a Pencil Looks Like Lead Zepplin Love to Draw