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SAL Rubber Band Rings

More rubber band rings! (Remember last week?) Patrizia Iacino says: A restaurant/pizzeria on the Lower East side in Manhattan… My friend Sal is cooking. I’m keeping him company in his kitchen. He washes the vegetables and I play with the rubber bands that used to

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Ana Dias Batista’s Boxes of Chalk

I saw these on Present and Correct and couldn’t get enough. I love opening small, new boxes of chalk. Can you imagine having a giant box of chalk like that? I want all of those in my house. Check out more of ana Dias Batista’s

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Snapshots From my Favorite B2S Commercials

Up front, I’d like to say that the music from these commercials was not my favorite. But the way they incorporated school supplies! Man, I just can’t get enough. The W guitar made with pencils! The marker drums! Target commercials are the best. See them

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 113

Love this crayon clip! Pencils Down Rug Oversized Scissors! ‘Son of William Tell.’ Photocopy reworked with marker and correction fluid. | Peter Meller. Link A disposable stapler? New quirky product! This would be a dream to have. Read more about it on the Quirky Blog

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Post it Note Paintings

Do you know what I love? I love it when people email about cool stuff they are doing with office supplies. So if you’re doing something cool, please tell me! Send an email to our contact email above or to gracej [at] Anyways, Darren

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FNO with Diem Chau and Herb Williams

Fashion’s Night Out in NYC seems to get bigger every year! We went a few years ago and it was super fun/super crowded. I wasn’t sure whether or not we’d want to brave the crowds this year until I read Diem Chau’s blog. Both Diem