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Visit the Paper Clip Reef

Well this is a new one! Can’t say that I’ve ever seen someone attempt to make a reef with paper clips. Click here to see a video of the setup on Luke Ramsey’s website – I guess he’s waiting to see if the paper clips

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Diem Chau’s Custom Crayons

I think almost everyone has seen Diem Chau’s carved crayons (we mentioned her in this blog post a few years ago) but you may not know that she carves custom crayons for people that she posts on her blog. Seriously, her blog is so fun

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 96

DIY Giant File Boxes! MAKE I bet you’d never lose this safety drive I love this vintage pencil box Caption reads “I Have No Life” haha Lots of paper clip models 80s Green Soda Cap Pencil Pouch Vintage Dennison (now Avery) sale hang tags Good

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Jana Lehman’s Polymer Clay Pens

Yep, those are just normal ballpoint pens underneath all that beautiful clay. They look like they belong in a Dr. Seuss or Pixar movie, right? I would love to own one! Check out more of Jana Lehman’s pens on Flickr.

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Found Supplies as Mail Art

I love this project! Love it love it. I’m not even going to try to explain it, here’s what the website says: In 2004 a holiday project at the University of Brighton titled ‘Location Vocation Vacation’ called for mail art. One post card per week