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best of office weekend roundup 20

Enter the OfficeTally Lol Cat Contest! Learn More > (you know how much we love lol cats!) The cutest decorations, made with office supplies! From Gilhooly, buy her stuff on Etsy! Movies with pencil sharpeners from Archival Clothing A tank made out of filing cabinets! The office in cartoon form from Pixel Farm A pencil [keep reading…]

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Left-handedness in the Office

Yesterday, I was helping a girl in my neighborhood cut fabric for a project we were working on. As she was cutting the fabric, I realized that she was left handed and my scissors were such a pain for her to use! She said they were okay, just a little difficult to cut straight. I [keep reading…]

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trendy office supplies >> silly bandz

Inspired by a tweet I read this morning from RobbieAmster “It astounds me how Silly Bandz are so popular when they’re just glorified office supplies. So here’s my million-dollar idea: Crazy Staplez.” My first encounter with Silly Bandz was at a 7-11 by our house and I wondered, what are these things? Does anyone buy [keep reading…]

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how much do you love erasers?

There is a lady in Florida who has over 3,000 erasers! The Floridian Times wrote about this eraser lady about 7 years ago so I imagine she has about double if not triple that by now! Erasers are kind of exciting right? Check out these amazing collections from Eraser Joy and Borrandoque

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best of office weekend roundup 13

The most beautiful collection of vintage office stuff that you can buy! Visit Office Party on Etsy Check out pics from The Office set on OfficeTally. (Plus watch the new office episode on Hulu!) Wall-eeeeeee. The cutest little student I’ve ever seen. View more pics of Wall-e doing cute things on flickr Cheerful workspace! Found [keep reading…]

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happy september, happy weekend!

Fridays are hard. You’re at work or if you’re not at work, you still feel obligated to do some type of work. Once Saturday hits, you’re free! No responsibility, no guilt (hopefully.) Sometimes on Fridays I just need to smile and laugh. We’re going to do that today by reading some quotes from my new [keep reading…]

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remembering the good days with office supply signs.

Sometimes you can’t help but feel a twinge in your heart for the old days. As someone who’s not old enough to have actually experienced living in the old days, I feel a lot of that twinge. I love seeing old signs and thinking about the way things were. Back to school shopping, for me, [keep reading…]