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glitter pranks and glitter cards

Glitter is such a funny item. You either really love it or you really hate it. Loving it happens when you open a card from your niece that’s decorated with glitter and so cute! Hating it is when it gets all over your hands and

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scotch tape plaid

I thought a lot about scotch tape today and I’m going to tell you about it. It all started when I read a tweet by aaronkaczander that said “Scotch tape only wears plaid. (Trendy office supplies gossip)” And that’s when I realized why I’ve always

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best of office weekend roundup 21

Get the Office ornaments on the NBC website, found at Office Tally How to put on a bracelet using a paper clip! What a dream trick. Found at Life Hacker Personal project about stop motion story. Everything is made of papers. I’m not sure what

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best of office weekend roundup 20

Enter the OfficeTally Lol Cat Contest! Learn More > (you know how much we love lol cats!) The cutest decorations, made with office supplies! From Gilhooly, buy her stuff on Etsy! Movies with pencil sharpeners from Archival Clothing A tank made out of filing cabinets!

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Left-handedness in the Office

Yesterday, I was helping a girl in my neighborhood cut fabric for a project we were working on. As she was cutting the fabric, I realized that she was left handed and my scissors were such a pain for her to use! She said they

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trendy office supplies >> silly bandz

Inspired by a tweet I read this morning from RobbieAmster “It astounds me how Silly Bandz are so popular when they’re just glorified office supplies. So here’s my million-dollar idea: Crazy Staplez.” My first encounter with Silly Bandz was at a 7-11 by our house