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The ABCs in Tools

Don’t ask me how long it took for me to make this. I found this great tool font when wandering on StumbleUpon one day and decided to see if I could recreate it using the tools we carry on our site. Mission accomplished. The font

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Scary Staplers by Jac

Now these are some serious office supplies. Made by Jac Zagoory Design Company, who has been “churning out Desk and Writing Instruments since 1995″ (direct quote from his site. I like that. We started in 1994.) The office supplies he creates are unbelievable. I mean

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Staples with Tracking Devices.

Sounds scary right? Don’t worry, staples are still for paper. Swingline has come up with a new idea for staples with RFID (radio frequency identification tags.) So when you’re rummaging through giant stacks of paper looking for a report or wondering which trash can your

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The “UGLEE Pen.” True?

I’m all for unique office products especially ones that make life more comfortable. I stumbled across the Uglee Pen this morning and have been thinking about it ever since. The website does look a lot like an infomercial (and I love infomercials) but the pen

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Giant Office Supplies Are Useful Right?

It’s Wednesday and tomorrow is a holiday and well we need something entertaining. Like GIANT OFFICE SUPPLIES!! Honey I shrunk your co-workers! But seriously, I’m not sure what the operation is at Pencil Craft. Do they hand make these pencils? Their website is such a