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best of office weekend roundup 12

Deliver the mail with your mail messenger bag! Found on Well Appointed Desk buy on 25togo! 11 Signs you’re a bad boss on Bob Sutton’s Blog Read about business style changing for career women in the last decade in this New York Times article Trash

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10 ways to clean your dirty keyboard

It’s so hard to keep keyboards clean, no matter how neat and tidy you are with your lunch. (All those under-achievers out there who actually eat on their lunch breaks instead of eating with one hand and typing with the other, well I they probably

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Office Comfort Hacks

Sometimes I get stressed about how fast technology is changing and wonder how I will ever keep up. I mean, cameras in phones? Why do we need those? The above picture is why. How often can you catch a grown man sitting on a garbage

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Picking an Ostrich Feather Duster

I’m surprised I haven’t brought up this disney movie before. Beauty and the Beast = my favorite Disney Movie. I came across this article on choosing an ostrich feather duster and the first picture that popped into my head was Babette the feather duster from

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The Page Turner

To call this a DIY project would be ridiculous since all you need is scotch tape and a finger.  I actually don’t recommend double stick tape because that stuff is really sticky and might end up ripping your pages which would be upsetting. All you

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Office IM- More/Less Productive? :) :)

I grew up on MSN messenger. My parents made me do Mavis Beacon for a few hours every week to get better at typing but I’d like to think that I can type so fast because of the 3-4 hours I spent on msn after