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best of office weekend roundup 31

Our whole lives revolve around facebook – maybe we need some like/dislike stamps Create a space efficient workspace – on 2modern Blog Amazing paper hats! On Upon A fold Blog This is a tricky desk, from Well Appointed Desk 5 ways to increase the perceived legitimacy of your business from Jobacle How to make a [keep reading…]

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best of office weekend roundup 22

You’re getting ready for a lot of those office parties right? Found here 10 ways to make office meetings more productive from Personal Productivity 101 How to decide what to buy for co-workers and your boss for the Holidays – on Learnvest Make a catapult out of office supplies! From ManMadeDIY I’ve always admired the [keep reading…]

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diy duct tape bullwhip

One of our newest Shoplet employees discovered an office supply weapon that I have to share! This Duct Tape Bullwhip project comes from Skip to my Lou – shout out to them for this awesome project! (actually it looks like they got it from indymogul. I love how ideas get passed around!) You will need: [keep reading…]

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5 Must Have Office Desktop Toys ( I mean office supplies)

The Ultimate Office Protector Wahahahaha, I couldn’t help but to start a blog post with this action packed missile launcher ready for office warfare. They are just too irresistible at first glance, stirring up all kinds of imageries of mischief and destruction in my mind. It gets even better, this toy, I mean office supply [keep reading…]

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Office Supplies That Can Kill You

Just How Powerful Are Your Office Supplies? Office supplies can be harmful by themselves. How many times have you accidentally stapled your fingers or given yourself a paper cut? Office supplies can be assembled to invent interesting and quite dangerous office weapons. There are many websites that illustrate how to turn everyday office products into [keep reading…]