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best of office weekend roundup 63

Reusable plastic zip ties! I want these. You can get them at Reuseit Hydro-Power Calculator from Neatoshop! I forgot to post this a few weeks ago. Amazing Post-it Note structures by Yo Shimada. See more pics on DesignBoom How to fix a dried out sharpie! Link Pretty, pretty calculators – Link Ridiculously expensive but so [keep reading…]

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best of office weekend roundup 60

The Kitchen Pencil. Seriously, my favorite find of the week. Buy it from Sebastian Bergne Shouldn’t every office have these food order pads from New Found Original? Haha yess – The Collared Sheep Use metal thumbtacks to make these letters! Link How to keep your printer from throwing out paper – how-to on Swingline Blog [keep reading…]

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best of office weekend roundup 58

How to use old cd cases! As bagel holders! Link Cutest little desk seen here Mail a bottle of colored pencils and school supplies! From the Giver’s Log Loving this Tumblr seen on Secretary4Life called Brokers Hands on Their Faces Back to School 2011 made out of paper! Check out new work from Jared Schorr [keep reading…]

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best of office weekend roundup 57

I would love one of these Arch Rulers from here or these paper animals that divide and decorate your bookshelf from here Save all your pencil shavings and finger paint with pencil dust! Seen on Pencil Revolution Cd Landscape installation that is so cool. See more pics here Great safety tips for women heading to [keep reading…]

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breaded paper clips

I could have included these paper clips in the roundup but I didn’t want anyone to miss them. Don’t they look delicious? You can buy them here. Why not grab a bread basket USB or pizza USB while you’re there? Visit the Small Ideas shop on Etsy.

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international arrivals office supplies

I remember the days when a paper clip looked like a paper clip. Am I right? Maybe I just lived a sheltered, sad life. There are so many crazy cool paper clips on International Arrivals (among other cool stuff.) I also couldn’t resist sharing these scented pens made by Snifty. If you’re having a baby, [keep reading…]