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shop oval office supplies

There are so many cool office supplies coming from Asia. Sometimes I feel like I need to take a trip to Korea or China or Japan to explore all the different stores and brands they have there. Luckily, at least I can stare at them

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best of office weekend roundup 53

Carpet made with paperclips. So cool. See more pics on We Make Carpets Infographic documenting the final game of the 122nd Edition of the Wimbledon Championships Men’s Final between tennis giants Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Pens become pen nunchucks! Link to PDF on CubicleBot

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Museum of Useful Office Things

I am a big fan of the Museum of Useful Things Store and Blog. Looking through the store, I fell in love with.. Canvas Zipper Bags; Order Rail; Aluminum Snap Pack; Eraser with Sharpener; Giant Paper Clip; Measuring Tape Tape; Pencil Dispenser; School House Pencil

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*etsy* office supply find – May 6

These earrings are so cool! You can buy the binder clip earrings here and the paper clip earrings here. This just proves that office supplies can be very fashionable.