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Papelote for Your Office

I read Notemaker’s blog post on Monday about the new brand Papelote which is so colorful and fun! Apparently you pronounce the name Pup-el-lot-eh which means (1) A Scrap of Paper. (2) A Paper Kite. (Sounds much cooler than what I’ve been saying, Pape-lote) You

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Kipling Pencil Cases and Backpacks

Growing up I always loved seeing what became known as the “monkey bags” (in my mind) at a luggage store in the mall by my house. I’m not sure if I ever actually owned one but I’ve always adored the cute, fuzzy monkeys that come

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Mjölk Pencil Cases

I know these are so expensive but hear me out. Bright colors, leather details, suede lining, and little slots to slide in the letters of your name. Get them from Mjölk.

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Minne Shark Bite Pencil Cases

I love these shark pencil cases from Minne Bites. I may be afraid of real sharks but I love any kind of stuffed shark, shark pattern, etc. These cases look just as cool zipped up as they do with a wad of pencils in their

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New office supply finds

While I was spending time with my husband’s family in Bear Lake, we took a little drive over to this tiny town named Montpelier and visited KINGS. Every year his family goes there to buy random toys or craft items. It’s basically a big value/discount