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best of office weekend roundup 37

Cool art installation with tons of scissors hanging from the ceiling, more pics on Flickr Giant pencil sharpener pencil holder! Seen on Flickr 10 great tips for your home office from Stylizimo Tree thumbtacks on Well Appointed Desk Grow a plant in an old cd

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Two iPoint Electric Sharpeners to win!

Our weekly giveaway for this week is sponsored by Westcott! We are giving away TWO iPoint Office Desktop Electric Pencil Sharpeners. I’ve seen these things in person and seen how they work and they are pretty cool. A few months ago, Lisa from Lisa’s Reviews

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best of office weekend roundup 28

Make a quick laptop case out of your sweatshirt! Instructions on TrendyGirl Drink more water! From Jobacle Amazing paper creations from the curious collection, posted by Upon a Fold The Bullet Pencil on Pencil Talk The pencil tree! On Recyclart Beautiful paper cuts by Tahiti

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best of office weekend roundup 20

Enter the OfficeTally Lol Cat Contest! Learn More > (you know how much we love lol cats!) The cutest decorations, made with office supplies! From Gilhooly, buy her stuff on Etsy! Movies with pencil sharpeners from Archival Clothing A tank made out of filing cabinets!

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Scary Staplers by Jac

Now these are some serious office supplies. Made by Jac Zagoory Design Company, who has been “churning out Desk and Writing Instruments since 1995″ (direct quote from his site. I like that. We started in 1994.) The office supplies he creates are unbelievable. I mean

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Robot, Sharpen My Pencil!!!

There is an episode of Arrested Development where Lucille Bluth replaces their housekeeper with one of those iRobot vacuums.  I can hear in my head, after she drops some of the food on the floor, “Where’s my maid? ROBOT!”I want a robot to be able