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shop oval office supplies

There are so many cool office supplies coming from Asia. Sometimes I feel like I need to take a trip to Korea or China or Japan to explore all the different stores and brands they have there. Luckily, at least I can stare at them

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Office Supplies Color Match v.4

I love space, astronomy, constellations, and all that good stuff. The more I looked at office supplies that matched, the more “space age” they looked! The LaCie External Hard Drive and Acme Pencil Sharpeners would be my top choices for supplies on my space ship.

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Museum of Useful Office Things

I am a big fan of the Museum of Useful Things Store and Blog. Looking through the store, I fell in love with.. Canvas Zipper Bags; Order Rail; Aluminum Snap Pack; Eraser with Sharpener; Giant Paper Clip; Measuring Tape Tape; Pencil Dispenser; School House Pencil

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best of office weekend roundup 45

Nothing like hiding under a bunch of post-it notes. From Cubicle Bot It would be cool if this existed! Shred the lines – on Flickr This makes tweeting painful – seen on Paper Stone Man I love colorful supplies – on Flickr Is this really

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best of office weekend roundup 41

Rubber bands of the future! These are really cool. I saw them on Cubicle Bot Origami animals made out of one sheet of paper! On Miss Moss Slices of office supplies? I love this. Seen on That Look 11 Simple stretches to do while sitting

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best of office weekend roundup 38

I love these mini LED lights, you can stick them on anything, anywhere. Buy from Via Alley Cool chairs made out with paper tubes, from Recyclart Pencil sharpener for the camera geek, seen on Well Appointed Desk Use colorful duct tape to decorate a balance