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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 104

Cute little box bug I would totally wear these vintage eraser bobby pins Beautiful vintage french wooden pencil box Nice rubber band painting I like this ear cuff made from a paper clip Pretty pink staple remover Check out Pentel’s “find the golden Energel” giveaways! Charlie Chaplin Correction Fluid Love this Daily Hunk prank Haha [keep reading…]

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 103

Haha Make a chalkboard t-shirt Decorate your cooler with a sharpie this summer! Sharpie Blog Lovely drafting tools Practice letters with circle stickers! Play at Home Mom True! The most beautiful office divider I’ve ever seen. Flickr Looks like a monster came through! Flickr Make neon color blocked office supplies Make a lego notebook and [keep reading…]

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3 Projects by Cheng-Tsung

Fruit Crayon Fruit shape allows children to draw a variety of different strokes. Strokes are painted in the form of point, line and surface, not just simple line. Fruit shape can stimulate child’s brain which is full of imagination. Hold Fruit shape. Kids! What kind of the paintings will you create? Nest The shape of [keep reading…]

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 100

I love this 1970s Braun Personal Fan Hidden Pencils Make a neon dot shirt using a hole punch A new way to work haha Crayola inspired candy canes from Sweet Factory Looking for a job is the worst – Cubiclebot Hand Blown Glass Pen Holder and Business Card Holder Cute red clipboard How to print [keep reading…]

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Pen Pencil Stencil Pencil Posters

Wow, tongue twister. I’m finding so many cool things on the Pen Pencil Stencil website! These posters were done for a show in Miami – more info here.

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A Chewable Gum Pencil

I had a geometry teacher who would pass out little chocolates before every test to give us a little energy and to help us to focus. Snacks really do help me to focus because when I’m even slightly hungry, I notice myself getting easily distracted. That’s why I think this is a brilliant idea! Here’s [keep reading…]