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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 99

Butter glue stick, minus the glue Seats from old office chairs – Link Felt task lamp Drawn Together 32 ideas to organize your home office Minimal workstation by Fredrik Paulsen Soccer pen holder Westcott Wild Ones Scissors (seeing these scissors makes the song “Wild One” by Flo Rida play over and over again in my [keep reading…]

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Write With a Graphite Object

You can write and draw with every part of the object! I’m not quite sure how you draw without your entire hand turning grey from the lead but maybe that’s a dumb question to ask. It’s probably more of a conversation piece/beautiful item for your desk type of thing. Check out all the different graphite [keep reading…]

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Recycled Denim Pencils

I was really excited when I saw recycled denim pencils the other day. Have you seen them? Are they old news? I realized that the post about them on Pencil Talk is from 2009. You can read a review about them there and buy them (a different brand) from Amazon. Greenline paper also sells recycled [keep reading…]

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Vintage Leadholder Ads

The Drafting Pencil Museum website has lots of old leadholder ads and catalogs to browse through plus a whole section with leadholder patents that are really interesting!

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 96

DIY Giant File Boxes! MAKE I bet you’d never lose this safety drive I love this vintage pencil box Caption reads “I Have No Life” haha Lots of paper clip models 80s Green Soda Cap Pencil Pouch Vintage Dennison (now Avery) sale hang tags Good idea! I’m not sure it works though. Link Ted Goff’s [keep reading…]

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Hickoree’s Writing Supplies

Pretty, pretty, pretty pencil boxes from Hickoree’s Hard Goods. I want the boxes more than I want the pencils! Check out their writing goodies section.

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Velvet Pencils

Maybe I’ve been spending too much time with soft and fuzzy baby blankets? I’m just loving these velvet covered pencils this morning! Get them here, here or here. (I’m also thinking you could diy these with flocking)