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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 95

oh man, best idea. Link Cutest Avery Label Maker Nice Paper Clip Earrings A dress made of scotch tape. Seriously. Read more about it here Fun binder clip tree! Love this old advertising for Pendaflex Tap your pencil >> Lose weight! Link I want that woman’s desk – link A fun way to practice handwriting [keep reading...]

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Our Entry – Tombow Nom Nom

I posted about the Way Beyond Folders Contest last week and I wanted to see how hard it would be to make a video. Turns out, not that hard and really fun! Here is the video I made using a Tombow Correction Tape, a bunch of foam letter stickers, and a clasp envelope. (watch out [keep reading...]

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Pendaflex Way Beyond Folders Contest!

I’m really excited about this contest. I love stop motion videos. I love when people do creative things with office supplies. I’m so excited to see the entries! Here are the details: 1. Go to the facebook page about the contest – Beyond Folders Contest 2. Like their facebook page 3. Watch their video 4. [keep reading...]

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Pendaflex Doodle-Erase Review

The other day, our Esselte rep came in showing off some of these cool file folders- the Pendalfex Doodle Erase File Folders. I’m always into items that I can write on so I got one to try out. Whenever I have a random thought or task to remember it’s nice to have something handy to [keep reading...]