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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 95

oh man, best idea. Link Cutest Avery Label Maker Nice Paper Clip Earrings A dress made of scotch tape. Seriously. Read more about it here Fun binder clip tree! Love this old advertising for Pendaflex Tap your pencil >> Lose weight! Link I want that woman’s desk – link A fun way to practice handwriting [keep reading…]

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Our Entry – Tombow Nom Nom

I posted about the Way Beyond Folders Contest last week and I wanted to see how hard it would be to make a video. Turns out, not that hard and really fun! Here is the video I made using a Tombow Correction Tape, a bunch of foam letter stickers, and a clasp envelope. (watch out [keep reading…]

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Pendaflex Way Beyond Folders Contest!

I’m really excited about this contest. I love stop motion videos. I love when people do creative things with office supplies. I’m so excited to see the entries! Here are the details: 1. Go to the facebook page about the contest – Beyond Folders Contest 2. Like their facebook page 3. Watch their video 4. [keep reading…]

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Win Your Own Pendaflex I.Organize!

I’m excited to announce that our weekly giveaway this week is sponsored by Esselte! Brand new for this year is the Pendaflex I.Organize. It is the “information management system that can be mixed and matched to fit everyone’s needs.” Let me explain (our Esselte Rep came in a few weeks ago so I feel semi-knowledgeable [keep reading…]

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Pendaflex Doodle-Erase Review

The other day, our Esselte rep came in showing off some of these cool file folders- the Pendalfex Doodle Erase File Folders. I’m always into items that I can write on so I got one to try out. Whenever I have a random thought or task to remember it’s nice to have something handy to [keep reading…]