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Red and Turquoise Office Supplies

Cotton On carries office supplies that aren’t red and turquoise but I guess that’s what I was drawn to today. I was amazed how many cool items I found under there Typo section! And if you live in Australia, everything is really cheap (I’m not

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muji office supplies

Has everyone seen these already? I love Muji and their office supplies are so cool. They have a few stores in New York and probably some in other states too. Visit their website to buy them online.

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MoMA worthy office supplies

I will admit upfront that I don’t love going to museums and I’m always wondering how they choose what goes in there. (I do like to go to museums just not love. And I’m hoping to stay around an hour each time I go.) Somehow

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Corporette Readers’ Favorite Pens

I was really excited to see Corporette ask their readers about their favorite pens. I bookmarked the post and today, 2 months later, I read through all the comments. I tried to tally each time a brand was mentioned and jot down the different pens

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millimeter milligram supplies

I heard about MMMG awhile ago and totally forgot to show you guys some of their awesome products. I especially love the calendar that turns into envelopes when you are done with that month. I use my old calendars to wrap presents and I love

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best of office weekend roundup 62

Read an extensive review of the Pilot G2 on No Pen Intended (I love her doodles!) Decorate your little fly fishing friends with Sharpies! Link Okay I love this setup except for the toilet part. That grosses me out. Seen at Cubiclebot These gummi bears