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Bic Pens – Only For Her?

Sorry Bic, we have to laugh at your expense at this one. It’s funny how a small, inexpensive product caught the attention of all these amazon reviewers. What an awesome use of time :) See more review pics on Buzzfeed

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Hipcycle for Your Office

If you’re into buying things made from recycled materials, check out Hipcycle! I actually saw the chopstick pencil cup on Shark Tank awhile ago. I never had thought about how many chopsticks get thrown away until I saw that episode. The upcycled cork pinboard is

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 111

mmm, paper clips – Malika Favre Love this paper shirt from Lucky Clover Pita pen holder on Junk Culture. Kind of grossing me out this morning but I like the idea A stapler that detaches from the base to be whatever size you want it