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Five Supplies From Bloomsbury

Today I would like… 1 – A Lime Green Anglepoise Lamp 2 – A Set of Matchstick Pens 3 – A Bull Eraser 4 – A Manifesto Tin of Pencils 5 – A Paul Smith Vintage Swirl Notebook ..all from Bloomsbury!

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DIY Pen Extension Challenge

I think this would be so fun to do at a party! Gather together tons of cardboard and random items, have everyone make their own extension, and then draw your name! This project was designed by Daniel Eatock and Louis Bonnet. Here are Daniel’s instructions

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A Fro Full of Pens

I really hope this becomes a youtube trend because I think it’s awesome. They can fit sooo many in there! If you have a fro, please make one of these videos and leave us the link in the comments. (found via CubicleBot)

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World Market Carved Wood Pens

While these might not be too comfortable for lots of writing, they will sure look cute on your desk! You can buy them from the Desk Accessories section of World Market. I want the red robin and the raccoon. Oh and the owl!

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best of office weekend roundup 86

Pilot FriXion Costumes I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a detailed school desk etching – Link Last minute gift for kids! Throw a bunch of arts and craft supplies in a jar. Link Celestial Keyboard. I like the look of these Pen Pal Pen