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Orange and Black Halloween Giveaway!

Those that know me well know that I love color, color coordinating, and if you wear red and green, I’m going to tell you Merry Christmas. This week’s giveaway is sponsored by a bunch of our vendors who all contributed orange and black office supplies to our Halloween Giveaway! Before we go through all the [keep reading…]

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Printable Orange and Black Pencil Garland

Fall is one of my most favorite times of the year. It’s still pretty warm and I get to start thinking about Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! I decided to make myself a little office-related halloween garland using a graphic pencil I found on this Open Clip Art site. Download my Halloween Pencil Garland PDF, print [keep reading…]

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best of office weekend roundup 62

Read an extensive review of the Pilot G2 on No Pen Intended (I love her doodles!) Decorate your little fly fishing friends with Sharpies! Link Okay I love this setup except for the toilet part. That grosses me out. Seen at Cubiclebot These gummi bears look so sad and expressionless on their way to work [keep reading…]

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Two Favorite Office Supplies

I can’t get enough of the Pilot V Razor Point Pen. It doesn’t bleed, it doesn’t smear, and the tip is so precise. I’ve been writing on everything with it. And It worked on everything (including fabric if you let it dry) except for tape and glossy paper. At one of my other jobs I [keep reading…]

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A pilot prize pack!

I’m excited to announce our weekly giveaway for this week! (better late than never, right?) This week you could win 48 Pilot items. 48. Each of those items up there will be sent to you in a dozen pack so that’s 4 x 12 = 48. My favorite items by Pilot are their Frixion Pens [keep reading…]