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RURONG’s Jewelry

RURONG’s rubber band necklaces and post-it note brooches are amazing! I haven’t been able to read much about her but you can check out all her projects on her Flickr page. I love the way she mixes a 5¢ rubber band with sterling silver and

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best of office weekend roundup 65

Kyle unmade pencils back into a tree. Click here to watch the video on his site Just saw this today on Color Me Katie! Why not frame your little awards for a more light hearted approach to a wall of achievements? Make yourself a nice

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best of office weekend roundup 63

Reusable plastic zip ties! I want these. You can get them at Reuseit Hydro-Power Calculator from Neatoshop! I forgot to post this a few weeks ago. Amazing Post-it Note structures by Yo Shimada. See more pics on DesignBoom How to fix a dried out sharpie!

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best of office weekend roundup 53

Carpet made with paperclips. So cool. See more pics on We Make Carpets Infographic documenting the final game of the 122nd Edition of the Wimbledon Championships Men’s Final between tennis giants Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Pens become pen nunchucks! Link to PDF on CubicleBot

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best of office weekend roundup 51

Make shelves out of mop buckets! From Shelterness I love this natural wood pencil cup – found here Pencil nails! Now that’s dedication. On Daily Nail A beautiful post-it note lamp. On Flickr Hey, it’s me! I wanted to join Stripe Mania on Decor8 but

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It feels like Winter 1972

I’ll admit I wasn’t alive in 1972 nor do I know what the winter was like in 1972 but this art installation of post-it notes entitled Winter 1972 is totally fitting my mood today. Outside my window looks like this: And from my desk I