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Post It – A Cinematographic Masterpiece

Remember the days when office supplies were just another bland tool for the office, their utilitarian existence could trouble you less to their state of well-being unless they were seriously distorted, maimed, or missing? Well, things might have changed for the office supplies industry. Certain

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post it the 2nd generation

We love post it notes! What would we do without these colorful squares that seem to pop up in all the most appropriate as well as inappropriate places? What would we do without the help of these little pieces of paper to help us organize,

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Post-its Note Art: 8-bit Edition

I <3 Geek Art! Geek Art is Art where science, technology, or video games were the primary source of inspiration (please do not quote me on that definition). Anyone who was at the MoMA, and saw Design and the Elastic Mind, knows that Geek Art

Post it Art

Post-It Notes Art

Your favorite sticky-notes can go a long way. Get inspired with these creative Post-It Notes Art masterpieces and never look at your pads the same way!