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Another Infamous Prank in the Office with Post-its

Post-it is great, it is often turned into art by creative individuals, as well as pranks by the creative amusingly twisted individuals. Post-it pranks are always performed by sticking post-its onto an object. If you want a small prank, you can cover a comparatively small object like a printer, someone’s mug or even a chair [keep reading…]

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Post it in Advertisements

Ahh, life takes reminders. Post its, our ever loving object of pure utilitarian pleasure, pops in expected and unexpected places to add spice, fashion, and convenience to life, just in case… During these unforgettable moments, you just happen to need a reminder to the best part of the moment. For moreĀ  of our obsession with [keep reading…]

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Post It – A Cinematographic Masterpiece

Remember the days when office supplies were just another bland tool for the office, their utilitarian existence could trouble you less to their state of well-being unless they were seriously distorted, maimed, or missing? Well, things might have changed for the office supplies industry. Certain prominent members of the office supplies family have made it [keep reading…]

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Trendy Office Supply Hacks

Hi guys, we have the office supply hacks you will ever need. The next 5 ideas will truly turn your mundane office supplies into desirable objects that everyone of your coworkers will desire and envy. You will be the talk of the office. If you do become unprecedentedly popular, please do drop us a line, [keep reading…]