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Choose Your Post-it Note Color Scheme

I’ve always thought of post-it notes in their basic colors but turns out they have lots of different color schemes and each one has a super smiley model! They even have a farmer’s market collection which is kind of hilarious to me. You can buy

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New Post-it Note Dispensers

I’m amazed how often I see that high heel tape dispenser and post-it note dispenser purse on desks these days. (Maybe I’m not a huge fan because I don’t ever wear high heels or have nice purses.) I got an e-flyer from 3M about their

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 111

mmm, paper clips – Malika Favre Love this paper shirt from Lucky Clover Pita pen holder on Junk Culture. Kind of grossing me out this morning but I like the idea A stapler that detaches from the base to be whatever size you want it

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 110

Love this ruler backsplash – The Kitchn I dare you to say “I’ll go get it” Next time someone says this to you. Link Christmas Star Ruler Ruler knife A nice note to leave for a co-worker – Link MMM Pencil Pushers from Bakerella Cute,

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So. Many. Post it Notes!

I really thought I had seen this before but then I saw the date on the video – June 7, 2012. This is another one of those amazing post it note projects! It’s called Brennstoffzelle and it was done by Becker Schmitz and Il-Jin Choi.

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 103

Haha Make a chalkboard t-shirt Decorate your cooler with a sharpie this summer! Sharpie Blog Lovely drafting tools Practice letters with circle stickers! Play at Home Mom True! The most beautiful office divider I’ve ever seen. Flickr Looks like a monster came through! Flickr Make