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Kawaii Office Supplies

Yozo Craft has so many cool products that I had to slow done and limit myself to three. I know that Kawaii is not for everyone but I do like some cuteness in my life every once and awhile. My favorite item from their site is definitely the Cactus Pen Set.

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learning spanish with post-it notes

Today I have post-it notes on my mind (you’ll see why when you see the next office weekend roundup!) and I wanted to make something cool out of post-it notes on our wall. Another thing I’ve been thinking about the past few days is learning spanish! I love the Spanish language – words like Hola [keep reading…]

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best of office weekend roundup 51

Make shelves out of mop buckets! From Shelterness I love this natural wood pencil cup – found here Pencil nails! Now that’s dedication. On Daily Nail A beautiful post-it note lamp. On Flickr Hey, it’s me! I wanted to join Stripe Mania on Decor8 but forgot that the deadline was last Sunday. Oh well. (Basically [keep reading…]

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best of office weekend roundup 49

Cute school supply socks! Link Need some dice? Use a pencil! On Lifehacker Alphabet bookcase! On Oh Me Loves Worst way to get fired. With a you’re fired flag gun – Cubicle Bot Frequency of use keyboard sculpture – Cubicle Bot Standing sounds nice sometimes. I like this setup. On Lifehacker Love kitties and office [keep reading…]

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fun sticky notes

Nothing cheers me up like a cute sticky note. I actually have the toast and egg sticky notes! My friend brought them back for me from Korea. All of these great sticky notes were found on Venerate Boutique. I’m thinking I want the pineapple rings and the match stick sticky notes. Which ones do you [keep reading…]

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best of office weekend roundup 45

Nothing like hiding under a bunch of post-it notes. From Cubicle Bot It would be cool if this existed! Shred the lines – on Flickr This makes tweeting painful – seen on Paper Stone Man I love colorful supplies – on Flickr Is this really how pencil sharpeners work?? Jk On Flickr Pretty cool office [keep reading…]

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make your own office garland

I’ve seen so so many diy paper garlands lately that I had to make my own, using office supplies of course! Basically, I discovered you can sew over any type of paper and connect it to create a garland. Supplies used: (Black Thread) (Kenmore Sewing Machine) Paper Clips – String a few and tie a [keep reading…]