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It feels like Winter 1972

I’ll admit I wasn’t alive in 1972 nor do I know what the winter was like in 1972 but this art installation of post-it notes entitled Winter 1972 is totally fitting my mood today. Outside my window looks like this: And from my desk I can’t even see any buildings. It’s a complete foggy white-out! [keep reading…]

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best of office weekend roundup 42

Pile rubber bands, make a new font! Seen on Junk Culture Another cool rubber band font – this is one is just made with one rubber band for each letter. Seen on Behance This is pencil city, on Flickr An article about how some phrases are totally out of doubt – including git er dun [keep reading…]

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best of office weekend roundup 41

Rubber bands of the future! These are really cool. I saw them on Cubicle Bot Origami animals made out of one sheet of paper! On Miss Moss Slices of office supplies? I love this. Seen on That Look 11 Simple stretches to do while sitting at your desk – from Work Awesome A fashion show [keep reading…]

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sticky note friday

I have a nice little stash of Post-It flags and Avery NoteTabs and I thought why not decorate my screen? The secret surprise was that neither of these items left any sticky stuff on my screen. Which was amazing, especially for the Avery NoteTabs. The entire thing is super sticky and they peeled off very [keep reading…]

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best of office weekend roundup 37

Cool art installation with tons of scissors hanging from the ceiling, more pics on Flickr Giant pencil sharpener pencil holder! Seen on Flickr 10 great tips for your home office from Stylizimo Tree thumbtacks on Well Appointed Desk Grow a plant in an old cd spindle case! On Lifehacker Did you know Duck Brand duck [keep reading…]

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best of office weekend roundup 36

Make a cool, unusable wooden laptop – seen on Recyclart Colored pencil zipper on Flickr Paper clip chandelier! Seen on ManMade DiY Awesome pencil shoes. Recyclart How to do an employee evaluation on Work Awesome Nice little collection of cool office supplies. Click Okay Great to see where they are from Cool calculator! Seen on [keep reading…]

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sticky quips on the office

Start #quippin! I liked the product placement for Sticky Quips on The Office last week. The way Gabe describes them they are post-it notes that you use when you’re feeling spontaneous and fun. He suggests everyone uses them to write a caption for a picture Pam drew. I wonder if they will start selling them? [keep reading…]