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Prismacolor Col-Erase Colored Pencils

Let me just get this out there before I say anything else – ignore the “erase” in the title because they really don’t erase (see the middle column of red lines in the second picture.) If you get past that part, they are very easy

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Colored Pencil Test

Last semester I took a Fashion Illustration class that helped me to become very familiar with colored pencils and markers. My teacher only ONLY uses prismacolor pencils and I love them too. I tend to like the normal ones better than the Verithin ones because

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doodling with office supplies

Sometimes you get stuck in meetings or on the phone and you start getting a little antsy. And that’s when doodling saves the day. I doodled all over my folders for class in school and I still love to draw on things (sadly, you have

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52 Great Office Supply Logos

Inspired by Logo Design Works. There is nothing like a colorful, shiny, clean logo. Every time I create a banner or email or any sort of promotional material, I take mental notes on the brands we carry that have the best logos or best websites

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Cheer up at the office

So I don’t want to make you that cheery, because that’s just annoying. But it’s been rainy in NY for the past week or so and the forecast says at least a couple more days of rain and I definitely need a boost! I’m a