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Recycled Denim Pencils

I was really excited when I saw recycled denim pencils the other day. Have you seen them? Are they old news? I realized that the post about them on Pencil Talk is from 2009. You can read a review about them there and buy them

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Eco Supplies from Grass Roots

I really like looking through all the stationery and office supplies from Grass Roots. Each product description has little symbols that tell you that the product is Made in Canada or Energy Efficient or Ethically Made. Personally, I would like to try the Milk Paint

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o’bon eco friendly supplies

All of the supplies from o’bon are made with recycled newspapers or recycled sugarcane pulp or recycled cardboard, etc. I love the bright colors and the animals and I can totally picture myself stuffing my backpack full of this stuff when I was kid. Check

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best of office weekend roundup 67

I am not a spider person but this seems Halloween appropriate – get it at the Smithsonian Store This necklace is made with paper clips! Tutorial + the Kid Version I really like this font made with post-it notes found here This is the truth