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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 123

I love this whole grain mustard pen case And this clipboard mirror!! Flat cords that can go under rugs! Yanko Design Cute pencil afghan! A mouse that clips on your laptop! I love this browser whiteboard! Cork outlet plug Teach your kids area and perimeter with tiles at school + tape! Cutest fish pencil sharpener! [keep reading…]

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 122

Cute doggy scotch tape dispenser! My cousin tells a great story about her classroom’s pencil sharpener Michelle Obama gets Jimmy Kimmel out to vote with an Amplivox Megpahone! Easiest, cheapest petticoat made with cardboard! Such a smart idea by Cardboard Collective Anna Banana Fo Fana Pencil Pouch I want to work at the HON office! [keep reading…]

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 118

Rubber Band Case for the iPhone 5! Well Appointed Desk Pencil Binder Organizer – Etsy Mead Stand Up Pencil Case Fun paper clip swing set! Start a drawing with a magazine clipping! Art Mommie Cute vintage desks! Awesome paper clip stairs Paper clip necklace from Kate Spade! Check out these cardboard pumpkins! Love this pencil [keep reading…]

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SAL Rubber Band Rings

More rubber band rings! (Remember last week?) Patrizia Iacino says: A restaurant/pizzeria on the Lower East side in Manhattan… My friend Sal is cooking. I’m keeping him company in his kitchen. He washes the vegetables and I play with the rubber bands that used to hold the broccoli stems together. Check out more of the [keep reading…]

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Rubber Band Collars by April Field

I get mixed emotions looking at these amazing rubber band collars made by April Fields. I feel really excited about owning one and then I feel really itchy when I think about wearing one. I guess rubber bands aren’t generally itchy, right? Anyways, check out more of her jewelry here.