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best of office weekend roundup 84

A desk organizer that portrays how your business is doing..going up or down. Vector. Seriously. Make a rubber band heart for Valentine’s Day. Link Pretty organizer from Manufactum Great job to the workers who threw un-shredded documents out the window at the Giants parade in

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best of office weekend roundup 83

Pretty, pretty colored circles – Link Make this pretty board with silver thumbtacks – Link “The invaders attack your office! Use your finger to destroy them all before your boss does not come back!!!” Office Attack App Best, mild office prank – Cubiclebot Furniture Pin

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best of office weekend roundup 80

For those who hate crooked packaging tape from Yanko Design The cutest geometric desk set up from Kikki – K Use canola oil to oil your paper shredder, according to this Lifehacker article. We’ve done this with our shredder and it worked great! Paper Lantern!

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Make Mini Rubber Band Balls

Last week I did a post about rubber band balls and then I decided to make some. I took my Acco Rubber Band Ball apart and started from the beginning. (Just in case you are wondering, the very center of an Acco Rubber Band Ball

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best of office weekend roundup 79

I know these mouses are not practical but they make me so happy. Mouse Envy A happy collage of office supplies – Link Merry christmas to this office! Link I would love a duvet cover I could draw on – Link These headphones look like

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The World’s Largest Rubber Band Ball

I had no idea how often people try to beat the world’s largest rubber band ball record. The current record holder is Joel Waul. Before him it was Steve Milton and before him it was John Bain. (Click their names to read about each of