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Fun Pencil Grips!

Shopping for pencil grips is fun! Obviously, I’d choose the plush pencil grips and maybe a Grippulls (wrap around) pencil grip. Pencil Grips: 1 | 2 | 3

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Kipling Pencil Cases and Backpacks

Growing up I always loved seeing what became known as the “monkey bags” (in my mind) at a luggage store in the mall by my house. I’m not sure if I ever actually owned one but I’ve always adored the cute, fuzzy monkeys that come

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Woolworths for Your Office

Coolest store I’ve seen in awhile. Some of their products are familiar but the packaging is so much better! I wouldn’t mind a 12 pack of smudgies or the splashy paints or crazy cutters. See more stationery products on Woolworth’s website. (Don’t get too excited,