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best of office weekend roundup 64

This bendy paper clip lamp is awesome. More pics on Behance Coolest video I have seen in a long long time. Cardboard packaging that molds to whatever shape you are wrapping. Link Do your hair with HarKlipps (binder clips) – see more pics on Behance

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MoMA worthy office supplies

I will admit upfront that I don’t love going to museums and I’m always wondering how they choose what goes in there. (I do like to go to museums just not love. And I’m hoping to stay around an hour each time I go.) Somehow

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juicy school supplies

I can’t remember where I came across school supplies from Juicy Couture but the more I look at them, the more I like them. Is that weird? I must be in a weird pink mood today. Part of me really wants that velour pink zipper

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restoration hardware for your home office

Restoration Hardware intimidates me a little bit because it’s very expensive and kind of looks like it’s for rich people. (Although one time we bought towels there on sale!) They have some really cool tools & gadgets and I’m kind of eyeing that fisher space

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Office Supplies Color Match v.6

I thought it would be fun to challenge myself for these next few color matches and try to do them using items at my house. I love old books and old book covers and this first one actually belonged to my great-grandpa. The second one,

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Office Supplies for the Glam Girl

These are not for everyone. I came across a girl on twitter who had just bought a set of pink glam rock supplies and was really excited about them. Maybe you want them too?! Buy them on Amazon I’m trying to decide how painful it