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best of office weekend roundup 44

Sweet photoshoot with CDs and pencils on Flickr Carry your little post-it flags in a mini altoid container! Seen on Rhodia Drive I loved driving under fenced in overpasses and seeing a message spelled out in cups. These are spelled out with styrofoam cups –

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best of office weekend roundup 24

Make a confetti filled bow! Found at Hello Sandwich Beautiful paper creations at the Finders Keepers Market – see more on Daily Smudge Things to think about when designing your office space – by Office Snapshots The wonderfile! Never heard of it before but man,

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scotch tape plaid

I thought a lot about scotch tape today and I’m going to tell you about it. It all started when I read a tweet by aaronkaczander that said “Scotch tape only wears plaid. (Trendy office supplies gossip)” And that’s when I realized why I’ve always

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The Page Turner

To call this a DIY project would be ridiculous since all you need is scotch tape and a finger.  I actually don’t recommend double stick tape because that stuff is really sticky and might end up ripping your pages which would be upsetting. All you

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Cool (See-Through) Frosted Glass Trick

Do you ever need to see through walls to keep tabs on the people in your office?  Well, we can’t help you there but we do have a cool trick to help you see through frosted glass.  You can take a regular piece of sticky

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Make Life out of Scotch Tape

I feel inspired to create everything I’ve ever seen out of scotch tape. Inspiration comes from Mark Jenkins (his site HERE) who is so famous that he has his own Wikipedia Page. He was born in Virginia, and apparently lives in DC right now? From