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Get Lucky! Win Sharpies!

Hopefully everyone already understands my love for Sharpie Markers (as is evident in this blog post) which is why I’m so happy to have Sharpie as our sponsor this week! Here’s what one LUCKY person will win! (1) Set of Sharpie Retractable Markers and (1)

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Drooling Over Highlighters

Some days I just get obsessed with certain items.  I don’t know how it happens. I guess I see one amazing look product picture and I just keep noticing more and more attractive products in that category. Anyways, these Staedtler Highlighters are definitely drool-worthy. I

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Office Calligraphy

I promise no more plugs for Sharpie! (after this post) If you think I get paid to blog about Sharpies, you’re wrong. I wish that sanford cut me an extra check for the devotion  I have to the Sharpie brand but I really do toot

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Sharpie Pens : The Comprehensive Review

Sanford reps visited us during the summer time here in New York City and when they came they brought us SHARPIE PENS! I’ve always been a big fan of sharpie markers(as you will remember from this post) and the idea of a sharpie pen existing

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3 Cheers for Sharpie Markers!

[What the Sharpie Lamborghini?] I have ALWAYS loved Sharpies. I can’t remember when I got my first set but I know we had them around when I was little. My mom used them to label all of our art supplies. Once I hit the “CD

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The Black Highlighter: Permanent Markers

The Onion has done it again. Every article I read usually makes me die laughing, including this one. The CIA accidentally used black highlighters to highlight critical info in their reports! Why didn’t they use yellow or pink? Obviously black permanent markers, even Sharpies, will