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I Love Office Supplies Giveaway!

In the spirit of Valentines Day, we’d like to give you the opportunity to let that inner geek express their true love for office supplies! We all know how much you really love your swingline stapler and stare at all the time. Or how you

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A Time to Save 20 Bucks

It feels like a good time to save 20 bucks on your next Shoplet Order right? Right. For the next couple of weeks, we’ll giving you hints to guess the Shoplet Employee Picture of the day. That’s right, you can see all us Shoplet workers

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Win a Box Full of School Supplies!

[Our Shoplet SEO expert in kid form] Click HERE to see the contest site Hey everyone! We’ve loved all the entries we have received for our “Head of the Class” contest. We’re still accepting entries and you could win! First of all let me tell

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Congratulations to our Bunny Winners!

We had a blast picking our 10 favorite comments today! If you won, you should have a received an email from me. If you didn’t receive an email, don’t worry we’ll make your comment worth your time. Don’t forget to check our blog periodically for

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Post a Badge : Get Shoplet Cash!

Hey fellow stumblers/bloggers/site owners, do you want to spread the word about We are rewarding anyone who will post a Shoplet Badge on their blog. Once you post your badge, you’ll get money to spend on which has everything from chairs and paper