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Giant Shredder Beast

Have you ever seen a car-eating shredder like this? Think of all the cool things you could shred! To be honest, it kind of stresses me out just watching it. I keep feeling like I need to back away from my computer to avoid falling into that thing. P.S. If you somehow had a post [keep reading…]

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best of office weekend roundup 54

I know a lot of people who would be so mad if their office was bieber-ized. More pics of this crazy event on The Collared Sheep Make your own pen from a pop out kit! From Fraser-Ross Use office supplies for everyday wardrobe malfunctions – from Divine Caroline I have seen a surprising amount of [keep reading…]

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Win an HSM Shredder: Make Recycled Packaging!

April is Environmental Awareness month and to celebrate we’re hosting “green” giveaways all month long! Many of the brands we carry have become more environmentally responsible in the last few years – using more recycled content to create their products, making biodegradable products, and coming up with green ways to use their products!Our first green [keep reading…]

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Hey! Get Outta My Trash!

Did you know that is perfectly legal for someone to look through your garbage can? With identity theft rampant, it’s so crucial to ensure that your documents are disposed of properly. One popular way of doing this is by using a shredder to render your sensitive documents unreadable. It also creates some pretty cool confetti! [keep reading…]

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Innovative Paper Shredders.

I never really like paper shredders. The sound they make used to scare me when I was a kid. Although just recently, I found some very cool paper shredders online, two of which are rather unforgettable for their creative design. Hamster in a paper shredder. This is exactly what it is except that it is [keep reading…]