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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 156

I want this crayon necklace! Office Supply Motorcycle! This pencil case has a billion compartments! What to do with that old basketball i like this pencil case A plush giraffe pencil case Best grasshopper Stapler Hang pot lids with S hooks and binder clips Lion

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 151

Tic Tac Toe Pen Holder – fun! I want this Zeus letter opener How to remove name tag residue from your shirts with nail polish remover What to do when a coworker cries at the office For those who love One Direction, they’ll be all

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 148

Paper clip napkin holder Use a paper clip to keep cords from falling – Lifehacker A sentry safe that survived Hurricane Sandy Fun camo chair College Ruled iPad Sleeve Green Russian Doll Pencil Sharpener Hanging notes Heart pencil organizer Jcrew Pencil Roll Old Fire Department

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 145

I like desks made for mid-day naps. Navajo inspired pencil case Quality Park Clear Clasp Envelopes save you 20 cents on postage! The Well Appointed Desk just opened an online shop! This employee was stealing and selling copy machine toner! A fun Vine animation of

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Best of Office Weekend Roundup 142

Pencil brush! Pencil Cup Staplers, the attachment that still makes noise Cute bunny envelopes! A little computer sweep brush Haha Design your own tape with Imprinter! I love giant pencils Cute lucky bear pen holder Mini people refilling a stapler! Recycled cardboard mousepad Pinch Staple

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My Piggy Stationery

Yes, this is real. A lady named Pearl has a site full of Piggy items – even a whole section of Piggy Stationery! She has a Pinterest page that I’m following to see the latest piggy stationery additions! Here are a few gems from the